Delivery driver left bemused after spotting broom floating in the air by itself


A delivery driver was left bemused after spotting a broom floating in the air by itself – and now internet users are trying to explain what was going on.

Lucca, who uploaded a clip to TikTok under the username @theonenamedlucca, said that he had been out on a delivery when he spotted the unusual occurrence.

He said that the broom was sat there in mid-air, with nothing holding it up, and was slowly moving in the wind but not as much as the trees at either side of the road.

But TikTok users didn’t believe him and said that Lucca must have doctored the footage, which almost resembles a scene from a Harry Potter film.

In the clip, Lucca said: “I was out making deliveries and like, what is that? There’s a floating broom!

“It’s just floating! Like seriously, there’s no wire, nothing it’s connected to, it’s just … what is that?

“And it’s moving too!”

The video soon went viral and some people questioned whether the footage was real and Lucca insisted that it was and that a friend had also witnessed it.

He then shared a clip of a text message conversation with the other man, who confirmed that they too had seen it.

Meanwhile, a man who claims to be a ‘ time traveller from 2027’ has shared video footage of a deserted city as proof that he’s the ‘last person on Earth’.

Javier has become a bit of a hit on TikTok where he uploads videos as @unicosobreviviente, which translates to ‘only survivor’, but he’s not without his haters.

He claims to be stuck alone in the future as the rest of the earth’s population has been wiped out by a disaster, and he uploads videos of the Spanish city he is in as proof.

But some say that he’s filming deserted parts or visiting areas at quiet times of day, so the TikToker has now uploaded footage of a busy city junction – which is eerily deserted.