Wealthy family offer £9,000 for nanny that can work two weeks but there’s a catch


How much would you be willing to take on for two weeks in return for £9,000?

A wealthy family in the UK are looking for a nanny to look after their five-year-old twins over Christmas and New Year – for a whopping £9,000.

The job offers significantly over the average UK salary, with the successful candidate earning over £600 per day.

But you really will be working for your money – as applicants must be willing to give up seeing their own family over the festive season and be on hand 24/7 between December 22 and January 5.

The job ad says the family will be located in a castle close to Edinburgh, where they will be staying for the Christmas holidays.

It added the nanny would be responsible for dressing and washing the children as well as reading to them and taking them through a bedtime routine.

They will also be in charge of ‘generally ensuring children are entertained’, with possible activities including outdoor walks, games, crafts and day trips with the family’s driver.

Cooking and cleaning will not fall within the new nanny’s remit.

Applicants must be fully vaccinated and will require a background check and references.

They will also need at least five years of experience and will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The job ad, on Jobs in Childcare says: “Seeking a nanny to take care of twins age 5 (boy and girl) in East Lothian.

“The family will be spending the duration in a castle with extended family and require a nanny from 22nd Dec to 5th Jan inclusive. Nanny will be on duty 24/7 with a room adjoining the children’s.

“Background check and references essential. At least 5 years of experience. Nanny will be required to sign an NDA. Transport refunded plus flat-rate salary of £9000. Nanny must be fully vaccinated.”

Previously, one mum’s advert for a live-in nanny went viral – with many shocked by the demands the employee would face.

Applicants would have to share a bedroom with the baby, but go elsewhere every weekend.

And expect to work ten hours a day, but stay later up to three times a week – sparking jokes that not even Mary Poppins would fancy that job.