Mum left red-faced after finding two frozen turkey dinosaurs in ‘intimate’ act


A mum was left red-faced after finding two frozen turkey dinosaurs locked in an ‘intimate’ act – and her children immediately asked what they were doing.

Elyse McKenna, 31, was making dinner for her two kids, Trysten, 11, and five-year-old Ridley, when her partner Lee Faux fished the Bernard Matthews turkey dinosaurs out of the freezer.

She said that two of them were locked in a passionate embrace and appeared to be having sex, and her two kids soon asked what the dinos were doing.

Elyse told her kids that the turkey dinosaurs were just cuddling together to keep warm, and laughed off the potentially embarrassing incident.

The mum from Bideford, Devon, said: “It looks like they’re having sex, when I saw them I had a bit of a giggle. I thought it was quite funny, I just thought ‘maybe they’re keeping warm’ .

“I said to my eldest ‘maybe they only put the two dinosaurs in there and that’s how the rest of them turn up in the bag’.

“My partner is quite deadpan, so he just came over and said ‘look at this’ and said no more about it.

“I said ‘quick grab a picture, we might be able to give people a giggle’.”

Sadly it wasn’t a romance for the ages, as the pair ended up being cooked and eaten.

Elyse said: “These two ended up in the oven, unfortunately Lee did split them up before they went to the fiery heaven.

“I think they had quite a while in the freezer together to get to know each other first though.

“I might check the rest of the bag to check there are no more dinosaurs having fun in there.”

After sharing a picture of Lee clutching the duo on Facebook, captioned ‘So…The turkey dinosaurs seem to have been busy in the freezer…’ it went viral, racking up 7,500 likes and comments.

Elyse said: “It’s great to see people have been tagging their friends and wanting to share the fun.

“My first thought was to share it and give everyone a bit of a laugh because we could all do with cheering up these days.”

Social media users flooded the post with comments laughing at the turkey dinosaurs.

One wrote: “Well, how else did everyone think Turkey dinosaurs were made?!”

Another commented: “Well if someone put me in the freezer I’d be doing whatever I could to keep warm too!”

One wrote: “and that is how more turkey dinosaurs are made.”